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Rivers, by their very natures, have enormous actual and symbolic capacities that lend themselves to effective teaching. Boating resonates with all of us because through it we see the river from the river's perspective. That naturally builds compassion and opens participants to a new understanding.

Each river is the expression of a confluence of forces bound by the common denominator of a watershed. The Los Angeles River, despite its mistreatment, is a vital source of life for many creatures, and it is the reason why Los Angeles was settled on its current site.

Educational elements are an integral component of all L.A. River Expeditions. Youth and adults now have a fantastic learning opportunity through hands-on exploration of the Los Angeles River, a great natural resource that meanders through our urban core.

Our crowdfunding campaign to get at-risk youth out on the river — facilitated by In Our Back Yards (ioby) — provided free trips to inner-city LA youth over the course of our 2012 boating season.

All youth who are on the river through our guided tours learn about the Los Angeles River’s truly unique watershed, full of extraordinary flora and fauna (including its rather remarkable human nature), while gaining knowledge of canoe and kayak skills and river safety, working as a team, and acquiring leadership and community-building skills.

If you're an educator, and you believe your class or school would be a good fit to be involved with what we do, then send us some information about you and tell us more about how we can serve your needs. We look forward to hearing from you!

Another option during the school year is to have a representative from LA River Expeditions come to your school or class and do one of our multi-media presentations that will engage your students on many different levels. For a rough sample of what that might look like, see this trailer of the new, award-winning documentary film that feaures the LA River, Rock the Boat: Saving America's Wildest River. Then, if interested, use the form above to contact us.

Denying the public its fundamental right to use our hometown river is an 20th-century notion that must be abandoned as soon as possible. These onerous restrictions are entirely unique among rivers, and they deprive our youth of magnificent environmental education opportunities that can happen right in their own backyards.

Rock The Boat

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